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Find Great Images on a Budget!

A few weeks ago I showed you how to find a ton of free or inexpensive sites to get clip art and photos on your blog or videos. Today I will be highlighting two great sites that I recently found out about. I think you will be blown away with how easy and cheap getting great looking images as become!

Great Images on a Budget

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My Marketing Secret Sauce February 2, 2010

Learn my marketing secret sauce that helped me go from struggling to get 8 distributors in a year to over 8 a month.

McKay Earl's Marketing Secret Sauce

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Your Marketing Funnel Made Easy! January 23, 2010

Your Marketing Funnel made easyLast week in the weekly webinar I talked about creating your own marketing funnel.  It’s one of those “must have” trainings that is essential for your success online.  For that reason I am opening it up to everyone, 90-Day Marketer members and non-members alike.

However, before watching, let me answer two important questions that will most likely arise in your mind:

Question #1: “Do I need to build my OWN marketing funnel? “


Why?  Because that will be hands down the best, if not the only way to build your primary network marketing business.  If you use someone else’s funnel, you run the risk of building their business and not your own.

Question #2: Does that mean I need to build my own funnel, which includes web sites, auto responders, affiliate links and so on all by MYSELF?

Absolutely not!

One of The 90-Day Marketer members, Faith Bernard., told me that she finally came to the realization that, and I quote, “Building web sites don’t make me happy.”  I thought that was interesting seeing as how she had a fantastic web site.  The she then told me that she splits the work with her husband.  She does the networking and content, and he does all the technical stuff.

Kudos to Faith!

That is a fantastic arrangement.  Because let’s fact it – we are network marketers, we network.  That’s what we do.  What makes a networker happy is 1) meeting new people, 2) giving them solutions to their problems and 3)helping them achieve long term success.  Am I correct in saying this is why you joined?  That you joined to help people, and not to build web sites.

Unfortunately, many gurus have taken this line of reasoning too far by saying, “oh, you don’t need a web site – just send them to my web site, I will sell them for you, wrap them up with a pretty little bow and hand them back to you so you can sell them into your opportunity.”  The big problem is since the gurus took over, your new found lead knows nothing about you, just the guru.  It’s no wonder your lead typically has no interest in listening to what you have to say.

Bottom line, if you don’t have your OWN funnel, your potential clients will go else where.

Yet building a funnel, complete with a blog, web site, auto responder, tracking software, social media links and so on is too overwhelming for the majority of network marketers!  So what is to be done?

Is there a big “easy” button that will build your own funnel so you can get back to work at doing what you’re good at – building relationships with people and building a massive downline?”

Now there is

The MLM Web Site Building Service.

MLM Web Site Building Service

This service will get your funnel up and running with instructions for you to add your personal touches to better stand out.  What makes this even more fun is that right now the MLM Web Site Building Service is nearly half the price for active 90-Day Marketer members.  Which means for under $300 you’ll have your own funnel to build your own list, and create your own following.

You’ll get your own working funnel with:

90-Day Marketer members, click here to get started for only $295

Non-90-Day members, click here to get started for only $495

Not a 90-Day Member yet?  What’s stopping you?  Jump in and take a test drive with no risk for 30 days.  If the course doesn’t knock your socks off, you can get a full refund, plus you’ll get a steep discount on having your own funnel built for you.  With your foundation built, you can use the course to do the fun network activities that will help put the internet to work for you.

And if you the “do it yourself” type, The 90-Day Marketer course will walk you step by step in building every aspect of your funnel.

So here is the free video on setting up your own funnel.  Enjoy!

Marketing Funnel by The 90-Day MarketerYour Marketing Funnel — In Detail

http://www.flickr.com/photos/nmcmanus/ / CC BY 2.0
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The New Shift In Marketing September 5, 2009

Welcome to the future of marketing:

I came accross this video as I was doing some research for Twitter. It really hits home the power of social marketing and the incredible opportunity that we have in network marketing to captialize on this new shift. As you may remember, I have been talking about the urgent necessity of getting your “social site” built and using social marketing to drive traffic to it. If you want to get going but lack the confidence to get your social site / system up and running – don’t let that stop you! That’s why I created The 30 and 90-Day Marketer, to give you a step by step approach so you can easily do it yourself and just recently we altered the web site building service so you can have a fully optimized social site and MLM business site – both built for you and in lighting speed.

To get on the Social Marketing tidal wave quickly, click here and get started today

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The Death of Internet Marketing For Network Marketers June 27, 2009


To check out solutions to using the internet with your network marketing business click here:

Have a great weekend!!!


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