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Hello and welcome!  The 90-Day Marketer is designed for entrepreneurs seeking to take their business online.  Whether it be a brick and mortar, network marketing or even if you just entertaining the idea – this site’s purpose is to give you the solutions you need to get the internet working for you.

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Network Marketing Changes September 13, 2010

With two days left before the big re-launch of The 90-Day Marketer,  I have identified four rather important changes to the Network Marketer version of The 90-Day Marketer.

First: Beginner Friendly
Many of the changes have been designed with the beginner in mind, because let’s face it — online network marketing is confusing as all get out . . . and it doesn’t have to be!  Much of the network marketing crowd are those the either did not grow up with computers (boomers) or people that don’t have the time to learn the complicated strategies of internet marketing because of the demands of life (Moms and Dads). Not only has the content to the course been simplified, but the navigation and use of the site has also improved (I will be making a video to better explain this).   So if you have been frustrated with internet marketing or scared out of your mind to take your business online . . . your solution is coming!

Second: More Marketing Options
To help give more marketing options, I have created two two separate courses with The 90-Day Marketer.  One will show network marketers how to utilize the internet with a beginner friendly style.  Nothing too complex, and plenty of training to use the internet, without being glued to it every minute of your business building time.  The other course will tackle affiliate marketing directly, which will be for business owners, and those network marketers that actually like sophisticated methods (including myself to be honest 🙂 ).

Third: More Tools for Leaders
By giving options, a network marketing leader can now give their “technophobes” and their “techno-savvy” downline members options in building their business.  This allows for dramatic growth for their downline — which is what every network marketing ultimately wants.
That’s the first and most important part, but the other is accountability.  With the new 90-Day Marketer, leaders will be able to help their team very closely.  If their downline chooses, they will have access to a progress chart which will show all the tasks of the course and which tasks they’ve completed, and which ones they need help with.  This will help leaders know how they can help and they can know which team members they need to spend the most time with.

Fourth — Lead Generation
The 90-Day Marketer is also a great lead generation tool that you can use to attract those that are looking to get into business for themselves.  That is one of reasons why I created Business Owner version, with separate marketing peices, so you could find hot leads to talk to about joining your business.  Most other mlm lead generation systems only have their mlm training product to sell.  The biggest problem with this is most of all your leads generated through these types of systems already have  a network marketing company and definitely DO NOT want to join yours.  However, by promoting a product that is geared to those that want to make money online, it makes it a lot easier to introduce your business.

Okay, I hope that helps to wet your appetites!  See you on launch day! — McKay
PS Feel free to post any questions or feedback by leaving a comment below:
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The Affiliate Program — Back and Better Than Ever September 7, 2010

The 90-Day Marketer Affiliate Program

After several months of anticipation, The 90-Day Marketer affiliate program is back online — bigger and better than ever!  The most substantional improvement is how much easier and faster it will be to get banner ads, links, as well as postings to Twitter and Facebook.   There has also been extensive updating for all you advanced, fancy-pants marketers with the new 90-Day Marketer Affiliate Resource Center.  Instructions for joining the new program are below.

However, before getting to the details, I have another big piece of news:  The 90-Day Marketer, with all the major enhancement is set to re-launch Wednesday September 15th, 2010!  Just a little over a week away!   For more details, including special “launch” bonuses, be sure to check out this blog post: The 90-Day Launch

***Really important*** With the re-launch, you must update all your affiliate links with the new affiliate program.   The older links will no longer work.  Instructions are below for getting your new links:

Steps to joining The 90-Day Marketer Affiliate Program:

  1. Visit the sign up page: http://the90daymarketer.com/affiliate/signup.php
  2. Fill in your information (yes, sorry, I need you to do it again)
  3. Create an affiliate username (which will also be your affiliate code, the unique identifier in your affiliate links, which your prospects will see)
  4. Click the Join Now button and you’ll be instantly taken to a new page with tons of affiliate links – coded with your unique code ready to go on e-mails, blogs, Facebook or Twitter.
  5. I recommend bookmarking the page (for future reference)
  6. I highly recommend watching both instructional videos on the page as well.

Lastly if you have any questions, leave a comment below.  I want all of your questions answered as we prepare for launch day! (or relaunch in this case)

Have a great one! – McKay

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The 90-Day Launch! September 6, 2010

Big News!

The 90-Day Marketer is Launching September 15th!

The 90-Day Marketer has undergone some massive upgrades for the past several months and is now just one week away from opening its doors to the world (Sept 15th)!  Many people have been asking for the details of what to expect with the new course and how it will be different, so I will be making a video to answer all of those questions in the next few days.  However, for those that are not yet members, it will pay to check back on the 15th because we will be giving away a number of launch exclusive bonuses — such as: ,

  • Free social blog, with your own unique design and personalization ($249 value)
  • Second  blog / with supercharged and personalized features ($299 value)
  • Two 30-min coaching sessions to be redeemed anytime during the following 90 days ($250 value) (these go really fast — just a heads up)
  • Two courses for the price of one: You will get both the network marketing and small business versions of The 90-Day Marketer — now two completely separate, and unique courses ($299 value)
  • As always, lifetime membership and unlimited free upgrades (Worth a lot :))
  • More bonuses to be announced in the coming week!
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****Really important — for all 90-Day Marketer affiliates, make sure to join the new affiliate program before promoting the launch.  Your current affiliate links will no longer work.  So be sure to click here and sign up for the new affiliate program.

****One more thing — The 90-Day Marketer Affiliate Program is free and open to anyone who would like to join.  Click here for the details.
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You Tube – should you bother? May 18, 2010

Video marketing is an extremely popular marketing strategy right now, but is it good for you?

If it is — when should you or your downline start utilizing it?

Before jumping into this new marketing sensation, let’s talk about the pros and cons.


  1. Currently video marketing is the hottest, most effective marketing media available. Google and other search engines LOVE video and will rank them higher than web sites and will display video submission in a matter of minutes as opposed to weeks with a well crafted web page.
  2. Video has become substantially easier to use, especially with the user friendly enhancements and software helps that have become available in the past couple of years.
  3. People love to watch videos! Text will never die, but video is something that really pops, and gets attention.   The majority of web viewers will always look at video more than the text around it.
  4. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Creating videos yourself has become so widespread that in many cases you already have all the technology right now to start making one.  Almost all laptops come standard with a built in camera, microphone, and editing software.  If you don’t have any of these things, you can spend a few bucks and get a top notch studio.  And if you want to go super fancy you can get the new Kodak Zi8 for $150 (full HD quality), a wired lapel mic for $30,  and a super easy to use HD video editor like Sony Vegas for $50.  This means you can have a full fledged High Def image, with crystal clear audio and edit it all together  like the pros for a little over $200 – that’s it!.   Of course, you could go more fancy and spend 20 to 30 thousand, but it would be overkill.  Your videos aren’t going onto big screen TVs – they just need to look great on a computer screen.

Ah, but there are some drawbacks that you need to be aware of . . .


  1. It can be very time consuming: Unless you do a ton of them and develop a system, it will take a long time to start churning out your videos.  Expect delays as you start out.  Then once you get better at it, you may even take longer because you’ll want to fancy them up.  Either way, video takes a long time.
  2. Not for the beginner: While it’s true that video production has decreased in difficultly, it’s still complicated.  And if you tap out at e-mail and web surfing, you may want to skip video marketing altogether.
  3. Will your videos stand out? I think you’ll agree that with the explosion of internet videos has come an abundant of mediocre to down right horrible marketing videos.  These videos are so amateurish and low quality that they do more harm than good.  Experience is a great teacher, so bad videos can be put to good use as they help tutor you to become better, but if you want to speed things up, I would encourage getting the training you need so you can  STAND OUT from the beginning.
  4. Is it necessary? In many cases video is not necessary.  Videos are great as icing on your marketing cake, which means that there are many other foundational things you need to have in place and once you have them in place, video can vault your marketing to a high level.  However, if you do video first, your foundation will be so weak that all the hard work of video production will do very little good to your bottom line.

**There are some mid-range applications that are easy for the beginner, are quick to create, take no equipment, yet look great.  Such applications, for a monthly fee will take your text, images (which they provide a library to choose from), and music (with their library) and put together a compelling, interesting video in very little time.  A super advantage!  But. . . they do have limitations.  These videos are designed to be short and will not work as a consistent stream of information.  Excellent for a message that you want to punctuate – but not a great platform for regular content (but this could be a matter of opinion – I welcome any comments that think I’m crazy on this point).

My advice to you

Before video, make sure you have a strong foundation:

When it comes time to hit video hard – you will want to make the most of it.  And with a solid marketing foundation, you’re sure to come out a winner!

Your friend in the internet / network marketing world,

McKay Earl

To get your marketing foundation built on solid rock – get started with The 90-Day Marketer course today!

The 90-Day Marketer for Network Marketers

The 90-Day Marketer for Small Businesses

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The 90-Day Marketer Has Closed it’s Doors . . . April 30, 2010

Okay – not for good – it just made for a fun headline.

The doors are closed to new sign ups for both the The 90-Day Marketer courses for the next few weeks while we make some pretty substantiation (no . . . more like Rock Your World Amazing) changes.

If you would like to keep posted on the progress, which includes some free videos and goodies, just add your name and e-mail below.


Keep me in the loop!
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